Master Your Transition was founded in 2009 to support individuals, teams and organisations master the challenges and opportunities of change and development. Jo brings theory and intellectual understanding to life with grounded practical examples, and draws upon a range of models and techniques, and multiple sources of intelligence to achieve holistic and enduring results.

Jo Miles

Drawing upon two decades of management consulting and coaching expertise, Jo empowers and supports individuals, teams and organisations to explore challenges, gain insight and take practical steps to achieve and sustain change. On top of her undergraduate Psychology degree, Jo is an accredited Master coach with the EMCC, holds a Masters in coaching, and is currently working towards a professional Doctorate in Coaching & Mentoring.

Jo believes that coaching is an exciting, growing profession and she aims to remain at the forefront of the industry through her continued development. By regularly attending professional development events and supervision, and being fully committed to life-long learning - Jo is able to stay ahead of industry trends, tools and techniques..

Jo’s clients value her warmth, enthusiasm, and zest for life combined with the drive and incisive insight she brings to her clients. They repeatedly appreciate her depth of wisdom and ability to create a rich, supportive and challenging partnership to explore and address challenges.




For truly positive and sustainable progress to be made we work hard to form a strong, long lasting partnership with each client. This enables individuals, teams and organisations to benefit from a collaborative approach building upon strengths, raising self awareness, addressing key challenges and blind spots, and developing new skills and awareness to achieve goals.

Tailored Authentic Help

All of MYT solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, considering the unique organisational context, drivers and goals of each and every one. We work closely with our clients to understand their desired outcomes, develop the best approach, in the right location and timing to gain the most out of partnering with us.


Mastery is a journey of learning powered by intentionality, drive, practice and persistence supported by self-awareness and learning from learning. George Leonard described mastery as in essence a journey of practice… “the mysterious process during which that is at first difficult becomes progressively easier and more pleasurable through practice”. The successful are those who stay on the path through those inevitable moment’s of slipping up, going backwards, motivation dips, and plateaus in progress. There is no such thing as perfect, so practice does not make perfect - but practice does make progress. This is a mantra we hold close, and we know that change does not happen overnight - but with the application of the right approach we support clients to master their transition.


“Jo seemed to adjust the sessions based on the group itself and where we were at on our journey together. It was amazing how Jo helped us to create a safe space together. We shared emotional and personal stories and we were only able to do this by establishing trust with each other. Jo is very authentic and this helps to build trust with the group.”

“I worked with Jo over six month period, in which she helped me achieve a significant step change both professionally and personally. I would unequivocally recommend Jo’s coaching – she is insightful, engaging, challenging and passionate.  I didn’t think I would respond well to coaching, but in Jo I found someone I completely trusted and respected, and have gained massively from the experience. Thank you Jo.”

“Jo has a professional but very personable style and creates an open and encouraging environment infused with the spirit of development. She is extremely knowledgeable within her field and brings models/concepts to life by using real examples from her consulting experience. I would strongly recommend Jo as both a training facilitator and a coach.”

“Jo is really inspiring, she lights up a room and has the ability to interact and find a personal touch point with each and every one of her delegates. She has a fantastic energy, her bubbly and lively sense of humour is such a pleasure to be around and the great stories she shares adds that special touch.”