In our times of rapid, relentless change leadership challenges are increasingly complex. Robin S. Sharma states that “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration.” Supporting leaders to handle uncertainty, maintain composure under pressure, inspire and challenge, make complex decisions, communicate effectively, and a set an example to others - and more - is critical for agile organisational leadership and stewardship.

Through developing a thorough understanding of the specific needs of the organisation we are able to rapidly diagnose organisational and leadership challenges.  We work closely with your organisation to design specific solutions underpinned by the leadership models and techniques that most suits culture, preferences and needs.


Who For

This is for organisations who are keen to equip and empower their leaders with the best possible leadership toolkit to enable them to drive value to the organisation, be flexible and resilient in the face of challenge, and keep up with the pace of change.


Our leadership development offering can deliver the following value:

  • A deeper understanding of leadership and what it takes to excel and achieve progress from individuals, teams and organisations
  • More extensive and rounded leadership and stewardship within organisations, with leaders being better able to extend and flex their leadership style to engage with their teams and clients
  • Individuals gain deeper understanding of themselves as leaders - their style, presence and impact, and feel more confident


The learning solutions are designed with client inputs and reviews to ensure the end result is entirely fit for purpose.  This frequently includes multiple day face to face group learning modules, action learning groups, and face to face, one to one coaching.  We work together to find the most suitable location, whether on or off site, to deliver the solutions to enable each element to bring the most impact and value for the group.


“I really enjoyed how the course was structured and learning about the leadership model. I am most looking forwards to using my strengths and new tools to help me to lead more effectively. I will also apply the different leadership styles I have learnt about in the appropriate situations.”

“Jo’s delivery was excellent and of such a high quality. Although there was a lot of content to go through, Jo ensured that the pace was not too fast for the group. She paused and gave the group enough time to reflect on elements of the course that we found specifically important. This gave us the opportunity to explore these areas more fully giving us a deeper understanding to further strengthen what we was being learnt. Jo’s level of insight and the depth of her knowledge was really impressive.”

“We focused on different styles of leadership, their characteristics and what situations they would be most useful for.  I never thought about leadership styles in this way before and it was an eye opener for me learn to switch the style of leadership based on a given situation.  I was also challenged on some of my beliefs which may hold me back.  I was able to identify some negative beliefs I have.  This will greatly benefit me in the future and helps me to identify and cancel out any negative beliefs which may have one held me back.”

“I will persevere in bringing different angles to senior meetings and constructively challenge based on observations. The action learning groups were very helpful for working through things like this.”