The purpose of group coaching is to increase performance and develop group and self awareness.  Learning from the experiences of the group’s real life experiences Master Your Transition facilitates and guides the participants to explore key challenges and opportunities pertinent to their job role in order to develop solutions.  Groups are made up of peers in similar roles which means the topics explored have strong relevance for all participants. The power of collective knowledge and expertise of the group is leveraged to help individuals solve or think differently about a challenging opportunity or problem, and take effective action.

The premise for the meetings is ‘action learning’ where there is no learning without action; “Action upon a problem changes both the problem and the person acting on it” (Pedler).  Reflection on progress and learning is encouraged to strengthen accountability and self awareness, and to consolidate problem solving, coaching, questioning and active listening skills.


Who For

Group coaching is provided for groups of top performers within organisations to support and accelerate professional development.  This can be in conjunction with a top talent programme, or as part of an organisation's development initiative, such as strengthening a coaching culture, or improving performance and motivation amongst consulting/professional cohorts.  We work to develop a tailored programme to support the specific needs of the organisation and team/group.


Our group coaching sessions can deliver the following value:

  • Improved and matured leadership behaviours
  • New and strengthened leadership networks
  • Deeper understanding of group dynamics
  • Deeper understanding of inner thought patterns, where they come from and how to deal with them in a  positive way
  • New tools to approach challenging situations, comprising logical and creative techniques
  • Deeper self and group awareness with greater choice and control about how to behave
  • Improved handling of challenging stakeholders


A group coaching programme is a journey of learning comprising 6 to 8 meetings scheduled end to end in advance over a 10-12 month period.  Each meeting is 3 hours in duration, with meetings held at approximately 4-6 week intervals to allow for action, reflection and consolidation of learning between each.  A group composition can vary according to the organisational need.  A group could be a team of individuals who regularly work together (e.g a senior leadership team), or a collection of peers (e.g Senior Managers / Directors).   A group is made up of 4-6 individuals who take turns to be the issue holder, share updates on actions and commitments, thereby building and sustaining change momentum.


“Action Learning is by far the most powerful and effective self-development initiative I’ve ever undertaken at work. Truly life-changing. By understanding yourself at a much deeper level, you’re able to tackle challenges, work with others and reach your goals so much more effectively. Action Learning helped me to solve challenges I was facing on my project day-to-day as well as providing an opportunity for a real step-change in my self-development.”

“The group action based learning has made a big impact on me. Both challenge me in the right way and keep me thinking of fresh ideas and addressing the issues I face at clients in a creative way.”

“Great way to take some time out of the day to day role, reflect, learn from and share with other great people from North Highland.”

“A personally rewarding exercise in listening, reflecting and supporting others valuable as a direct exercise but for wider skill development.”

“Valuable learning from the practical experiences of others.”