To support organisations develop their people from within our coaching training effectively builds individuals’ core coaching skills. The training is tailored to meet the specific aims and objectives the organisation which could, for example, focus on developing a coaching culture, or focus on upskilling leaders and line managers to be able to formally or informally coach their teams.   Drawing upon tried and tested models and techniques delegates are equipped with the theory, tools and confidence to become effective coaches - so they too can support team members overcome barriers to their success.


Who For

This is for organisations who are keen to equip and empower their leaders with the best possible leadership toolkit to enable them to encourage and boost others around them through coaching methods.


Our Coaching Training offering can deliver the following value:

  • Deeper appreciation of what coaching is and its power to facilitate professional development across the organisation
  • Strengthened coaching skills to enable teams and individuals to be coached on a regular ongoing basis
  • Support in developing a coaching culture across the organisation
  • Broadened interpersonal skills of managerial teams to equip them to adapt in the moment to the needs of individuals
  • Boosted confidence and ability to manage difficult situations with team members
  • Less reliance on external support for coaching services


The Coaching training is designed carefully with client inputs and reviews to ensure the course delivered meets desired outcomes. We work together to find the most suitable location, whether on or off site, to deliver the programme to bring the most impact and value for your group.


“Jo is a superb trainer and coach and I really found her enthusiasm for the subject infectious. Learned heaps from the course and would really recommend this to all new and current coaches.”

“Jo took us through the course in a really fluid and engaging way. She did not use slides and made us all participate in a warm and safe way. Some of the best training I have ever received, thank you!”