With our senior team development we support clients to build upon the strengths in their leadership team ways of working. This can be connected to a newly formed C-Suite team, or a team which has grown rapidly and needs some reflective time, or a team keen to explore a change of direction or different ways of engaging with each other.

Overall the aim is to build a high performing leadership team, defined by Katzenbach & Smith as: “A small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”.


Who For

This is for executive or leadership teams who are keen to explore and push the boundaries of strong teaming in their current context.  It if for those seeking to drive further value to the organisation by supporting continued development as a high performing team collaborating through strengths and diversity.  We work to develop a tailored programme to support the specific needs of the organisation and team.


Our senior leadership team development can deliver the following value:

  • Individuals gaining a deeper understanding of team dynamics and systems influences and what this means individually and collectively for ways of working and teaming
  • Individuals gaining a deeper understanding of leadership, themselves as leaders, and their impact on others
  • Leaders being able to extend and flex their leadership style to engage with their teams and clients
  • The development of deeper relationships and greater flexibility within a leadership team
  • Strengthened cross team communication and collaboration


We work with organisations to schedule a programme that fits with your organisation’s wider commitments at a suitable location, on or off site, to bring the most impact and value for the group.


“This has given me a new perspective on my colleagues and has added to our collective comradely. It has also established the expectation that things will change going forward. I also feel clearer about what I bring to the team and this is encouraging / empowering.”

“This has deepened understanding of our team complements and differences, and generated a willingness to collaborate in different ways. The HBDI was particularly helpful because it allowed us to recognise and acknowledge we have different preferences and approaches; when you recognise this you have a much better chance of getting the most out of each other and the team; whilst also providing a helpful common language.”