A fast growing, dynamic, agile digital agency was keen to develop an engaging leadership development programme to accelerate the professional and personal development of their senior managers and executives.

The aims were to:

  • Strengthen key leadership behaviours, knowledge and skills including setting a strategic vision; leadership mindset; leading; influencing; challenging; communicating; and networking.
  • Deepen self awareness of leaders’ values, worldview, drivers, beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours and conditioned tendencies and how these influence leadership style and presence.
  • Deepen understanding of types of power and leadership styles to develop ability to recognise and adapt to the needs of different people and situations with a centred authentic leadership presence.


A rich, intensive, interactive three day leadership training programme was specially designed in close collaboration with the Head of Learning & Development and the Chief Happiness Officer to meet AND Digital’s needs. The interactive learning activities and discussions centred on creating and sustaining a leadership mindset, stance and flexible impactful style underpinned by authentic leadership theory. This was delivered at an off-site location in London to a select group of managers and executives. To enrich and consolidate learning a series of three hour action learning groups were held at four week intervals at AND Digital.


Organisation and individual value was seen by AND Digital as:

  • Stronger, broader authentic leadership across AND Digital management and executives to be able to inspire their people as well as clients. This was enabled by embodied understanding of authentic leadership, power and presence.
  • Deeper understanding of leadership styles enabling greater flexibility in collaborating, handling challenges, communicating and teaming effectively.
  • Deeper self awareness of power and presence and conscious ability to recognise and react to the specific needs of the situation and team in place of unconscious automatic behaviour.


“I really enjoyed how the course was structured and learning about the authentic leadership. I am looking forward to using my strengths and what I am good at as a tool to help me to lead more effectively. I will also apply the different leadership styles I have learnt to the appropriate situations.”

“I never thought about leadership styles in this way before and it was an eye opener for me learn to switch the style of leadership based on a given situation. I was also able to recognise and challenge some negative beliefs. This will greatly benefit me in the future and help me to identify and cancel out any negative beliefs which may have held me back.”

"I thought the delivery was excellent and of such a high quality. Although there was a lot of content to go through, Jo ensured that the pace was not too fast. She paused and gave the group time to reflect on elements of the course that we found specifically important. This gave us the opportunity to explore these areas more fully giving us a deeper understanding to further strengthen what was being learnt. Also, her level of insight and depth of knowledge was really impressive.”

“I will persevere in bringing different angles to the club leadership meetings and constructively challenge based on observations - the action learning groups were very helpful for working through real life challenges like this.”