A fast growing, dynamic, online retailer was keen to develop their leaders’ ability to motivate and develop individuals and teams in order to maximise engagement and performance across the business analyst community.

The aims were to:

  • Strengthen leaders’ ability to inspire, lead, and develop individuals and teams.
  • Deepen understanding of how to motivate individuals and set meaningful goals.
  • Strengthen ability to tailor coaching to meet individuals’ needs.
  • Strengthen skills in giving agile, impactful feedback.


A specially designed, engaging, interactive two day training programme was delivered at an off-site location in London to small groups of BA Team Leaders. The training comprised sharing best practice models and techniques on how to motivate teams, set goals, and hold feedback and coaching conversations. To maximise learning transfer to the workplace delegates practiced the new skills and approaches using real life individual and team challenges, and crystallised key learnings and takeaways.


Overall the organisation, team and individual benefits were:

  • Stronger understanding and ability to set goals that motivate individuals and teams to maximise performance, engagement and morale.
  • New insights and understanding of how to deliver feedback using best practice techniques tailored to the individual to facilitate their development.
  • Deeper understanding of coaching and when and how to use it to strengthen individual and team performance.
  • Deeper self awareness, appreciation of the power of development, and willingness to dedicate the necessary time to support individual, team and organisation growth.