People are at the heart of Booz&Co and they offer Strategy-through-Execution services to solve their clients’ toughest problems. Booz&Co’s strong focus on delivering excellence and enduring results drives their competitive ‘up or out’ performance culture. This underpinned the imperative to support and accelerate the transition of newly promoted Senior Managers and Directors to meet the demands and responsibilities of their new roles whilst sustaining and optimising performance.


From 2009 to 2016 newly promoted Senior Managers and Directors were offered ten hours of post promotion coaching to master their specific transition challenges and opportunities to help them step up, realise their potential, and maximise performance. The coaching took place at the Booz&Co offices over a six to nine month timeframe. The coaching agenda was tailored to the needs of each individual with consideration of their personal and systemic drivers with input from their latest appraisal and Partner feedback. Each two hour meeting explored the individual’s challenges from different perspectives and generated new insight, learning, focus and agency. This heightened individuals awareness of their personal strengths and hitherto unconscious habitual thinking habits and behaviour patterns that no longer served them. The coaching allowed them to explore new alternatives and identifying practical steps to achieve their aims. Reflecting upon and integrating learning empowered the individual in their transition with a deeper senior stance and presence.


Overall the organisation benefits for this programme of one to one coaching are:

  • Strengthened performance of newly promoted Senior Managers and Directors resulting in greater consistency for clients, and ‘up’ rather than ‘out’ development of top talent and reduced attrition.
  • Increased employee engagement, loyalty and retention from feeling deeply invested in and value.
  • Greater maturity and self awareness in organisation leadership as Senior Managers and Directors as well as taking greater responsibility to drive their own career.


Overall the Individual benefits for the one to one coaching are:

  • Deepened self awareness enabling greater maturity and flexibility in leadership style, strengthened personal power and presence and team and client relationships.
  • Increased personal capability through recognition and modification of typical behavioural patterns in favour of situation and person appropriate responses.
  • Increased personal investment in role and firm resulting in stronger performance.



“I believe this is the most significant investment that Booz has made in me and my development. It is an eye opening and enriching experience.”

“I gained so much - a broader and deeper self-awareness to game changing techniques to move out of my hindering patterns. I have gained control on my trajectory, expanded the breadth of my management styles and influence on others. I am more confident and inspire others more easily.”

“A rare opportunity to think about what drives you, what you are good at, and how you can use these types of discoveries to improve your performance in many different situations.”

“Helps you piece together all the facets your are unconsciously aware of to become a better leader”
“Very personal, gets to the heart of what one needs to do in order to get to the next level faster.”