Developing talent at North Highland Worldwide Consulting is a key priority that reflects their strong culture of development and high performance.  It enables their consultants to bring the best of their skills, talents and expertise to their clients. To support and accelerate professional and personal development group coaching was introduced in 2013 as part of a top talent development programme, and remains on-going to date. Overall their aim was to nurture their top talent to support their growth within the organisation.


Action Learning is a form of group coaching that provides a warm, safe, confidential thinking environment.  It is where three to five peers can explore and address challenges using a tailored range of beneficial techniques, draw upon the collective experience and wisdom of the group, and external coaching and facilitation support.  Each programme comprised six meetings, each held at North Highland offices, over a nine month timeframe.  In each 3-hour meeting consultants take turns to present their challenge which could be specific to a client project or to an area of self-development. The group draws upon their listening, coaching, problem solving, creative thinking skills and experience in order to explore and generate new ideas and actions.  The high relevance and resonance of challenges across the peer group creates multiple learning opportunities for all parties even when not presenting a topic.  Individuals’ understanding about themselves and others is strengthened together with the ability to work through problems more effectively, with a focus on both the shorter-term solution in focus and the longer-term development of the skills and insight to more easily overcome similar challenges in future.


Organisation benefits:

  • Strengthened performance of top talent resulting in increased, consistent client satisfaction and results.
  • Strengthened peer relationships, retention and engagement.
  • Increased motivation and confidence to address challenges and drive their careers.


Individual benefits:

  • Deepened self awareness and understanding of thinking preferences and how to stretch these.
  • Strengthened coaching, problems solving, active listening and creative thinking skills.
  • Refreshed and widened perspective and knowledge sharing.
  • Strengthened initiative and courage to have brave conversations and drive their own careers.
  • Clearer priorities and stronger ability to handle competing demands, with less stress.



“Action Learning is by far the most powerful and effective self-development initiative I’ve ever undertaken at work. Truly life-changing. By understanding yourself at a much deeper level, you’re able to tackle challenges, work with others and reach your goals so much more effectively.”

“Action Learning helped me to solve challenges I was facing on my project day-to-day as well as providing an opportunity for a real step-change in my self-development.”

“The group action based learning has made a big impact on me. Both challenge me in the right way and keep me thinking of fresh ideas and addressing the issues I face at clients in a creative way.”

“Great way to take some time out of the day to day role, reflect, learn from and share with other great people from North Highland.”