A leading strategy consulting firm focused on investing in their female talent invited Jo Miles from Master Your Transition to speak at a special event for their Women in Business initiative.  The purpose of the event was to strengthen understanding of the complex systemic, interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics of power. This was to support women to step into and fully leverage their power, avoid common pitfalls, and strengthen their presence and impact both individually and collectively.  

The aims were to:

  • Strengthen understanding of key elements of power, presence & impact including systemic, interpersonal and intrapersonal factors.
  • Deepen awareness of the conscious and unconscious ways in which power and presence can be self sabotaged.
  • Develop understanding of strategies and practices to strengthen personal power, manage self sabotage and deepen self confidence.


Working in collaboration with the Head of Strategy for Strategy& and two colleagues from the Women in Business network, a high level outline for a 2 hour interactive workshop was designed. The key areas of this huge topic were agreed, around which the development of key message and exercises then centred. The positive, engaging event took place one evening at Strategy&PWC’s London office at Moore London.


Organisation, team & individual benefits:

  • New insights and understanding of how to develop power, presence and impact.
  • Deeper appreciation of how to manage the internal and external factors that underpin power, presence, and impact.
  • Strengthened ability to leverage power to strengthen individual and team performance
  • New knowledge and strategies to hold onto power in face of challenge, and recover composure.
  • Deeper self awareness, appreciation of the dynamics of power.


Reported key takeaways from attendee feedback:

  • Managing power: ‘Harnessing internal power’, ‘Understand different types of power that we can use’.
  • Confidence: ‘The need to actively manage my inner doubter!’ ‘Confidence is key’.
  • You have control: ‘Reset when not in the right mind set’  ‘To take some time on my day to day and reflect on what I am doing and positioning myself’.



“The speaker (Jo Miles) was ‘excellent’, ‘very engaging’, ‘knowledgeable’, ‘bubbly’ and ‘helpful’.”